Alpha Runner Story

Alpha Runner Story

The Alpha Runner Investments story started in the year 2009 as a programming and consultant service for private Traders who wanted to have an Expert Advisor and for Brokers offering webinars for programming and technical analysis. We did this business without big changes until the end of 2012. Within this three years it becomes more and more clear to us how the road of success for automated trading should look like and the picture raising was unfortunately not such easy.  The right turn was given by a man who belongs to the best fund managers in Europe and we met him randomly on his vacation. After long strolls on the beach, a lot of eMails and interesting discussion we spread a layer of his beautiful mind over our automated world – that was really a challenge for such a kind of man-, and filtered out the core which should be transported to the customer or social trader.

And here are the results:

  • Only a multi strategy system should be able to perform positive over a longer time period. Positive including a draw down which have a fast recovery time and sideways without big draw downs
  • Each instrument for each side have to be treated separately. Meaning a separate setup for the long and for the short side. A three step trailing would be nice. Break even 1st, then 2nd with new size and 3rd a fibonacci trailing.
  • Instead of integrate the whole exit logic in each system one separate logic center that control everything from outside shoud be more effective. We have all in one place. Only for the backtesting it should be transportable and easy to add to an existing system.
  • Some other interesting things (Including one new technology and the heart of ARI)…


So we had a full bunch of things that had to be tested. One thing is missing and that is that we have programmed from 2009 to 2012 around 280 systems and started in 2012 with the development of My Weekly CoT  which gave us some more options to figure out what the best way maybe could be.

Putting the most of the points mentioned above together and made the 1st test run we saw…it works…theoretically. Now the phase starts where we went into the details of the runs. Are the SL/TP ratios the optimizing gave us are ok, SL is not to close to current price etc.

After 3.5 years of programming, backtesting and a 14 month run on a real account…we are here and you are part of it!

Since the 16th of May 2016 we welcome you to the world of Alpha Runner Investments. Even money needs a home…

That is our short story…to be continue!