Laboratory news…

Laboratory news...

Dear Followers,
on this page we will update you with some news around the development of our system package. Of course not the deepest core of our development but updates which system are currently under review, what will come next, other good stuff.


04.02.2018: JITO/KNIME/MWC The big three this year are JITO(Just In Time Optimization), KNIME and two new strategies; Status: 20% ready
02.10.2017: We started for Cornflower II and III a new Project called PFX. It is a fluent Project over the coming years. We will report each three month but 1st time on 1st of January 2018; Status: fluent
24.08.2017: JITO is doing well. Complexity is bigger than expected but I could handle it; Status: 45% ready
05.06.2017: The JITO phase one started today. More details later this year; Status: 0% ready
29.04.2017: I paused the development of the strategy VII to focus on new indicator and the first non CoT strategy using this new indcator. First part of the new indicator is ready and system VIII results are already impressiv. Expected time to start the new System is in 40 days; Status: 2% ready
23.04.2017: I will add a Switch function to the CoT Signal. Based on some Parameters this will let the Systems trade against actual CoT  data. Additional the new indicator need some more time. New target is end of may; Status: 20% ready
05.04.2017: We added the social trading platform FxStat to our portfolio; Status: 50% ready
01.04.2017: The new indicator test shows strong and weak issues only after a short time. Solution for the weak points already in progress. End of April we should be ready to launch first updated System; Status: 30% ready
26.02.2017: We will test parts of the new indicator manual over several weeks over all strategies. The reason is that we need to get a better feeling for some of the rules and parameters we are using; Status: Done
19.02.2017: We decided to push the analysis and development of a new kind of indicator in the next few weeks. This indicator could have a very big impact on all strategies; Status: Done
04.01.2017: We added the social trading platform Darwinex to our portfolio; Status: Done
25.11.2016: We added the social trading platform MyDigiTrade to our portfolio; Status: Done
12.11.2016: Today we started to program a new trend following/break out strategy. CoT VII is using new elements and new techniques that we developed over the last few months; Status: Paused
08.10.2016: Finally all systems are running. Next steps are 1) updating the website and 2) Developing a new kind of AI core. 2) is a SDNN/AI (Super Deep Neuronal Network/AI) which will have the target date middle of 2018. 1st action is the finalisation of the concept; Status: Open
20.08.2016: We are preparing Cornflower II and Cornflower III. Start should take place later this year. Additional we made small configuration changes in all Cornflower setups. Major add is that we are using in top of the fact that only best of ARI is running a fixed lot size and only for the bigger daily – maybe H4, but not decided yet-, time frame a risk setting of 1% per trade; Status: Done
18.06.2016: Integration of the SIM Factor into the description page for each system; Status: Done
12.06.2016: Adding new features into the fact sheets. We are currently in the process to evaluate which informations should be added to the fact sheet so that the facts really becoming more facts and are not only a mirror of theoretical runs; Status: Open
21.05.2016: We are currently updating the TEA to Version 1.3, Trade Management Layer (TML 2016 © Alpha Runner Investments) EA. which control among other things the risk settings of all systems. End of implementation should be the 1st of June; Status: Done

Systems update/Strategies under review
20.12.2018: All systems upgrade to version 1.2 (New BI module added); Status: Done
22.03.2018: We have live data from over two years. Now we are starting to use this data for our advantage! ; Status: Open
04.02.2018: We are developing two new strategies which are using results from the KNIME output from the My Weekly Cot fraction. Additional we are using KNIME for our own GMMA indicator. 2018 is under the Motto  ‚Find rules that the eyes could not see!‘
02.10.2017: TEA and fTML upgrade to version 1.5, all systems upgrade to version 1.1; Status: Done
02.06.2016: ARI FX II and ARI FX III setups are under review. Goal is to have a bigger risk difference between both systems; Status: Done -> Systems CoT II, CoT Va and CoT Vb were disabled on ARI FX II
21.05.2016: CoT I/NZDUSD; Status: Done

All the best,